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Fic Rec


  • Brave
    G: What Blaine realizes after telling Kurt he loves him. Oneshot.
  • When You Find Your Way Back Down
    PG: After Rachel’s party, Kurt and Blaine come back to Kurt’s house. Blaine has no filter when he’s drunk, but he still can’t say everything. Oneshot.
  • Collect the Moments One by One
    PG: “Stop freaking out,” Blaine says softly, his fingers stroking at Kurt’s cheek for a second before he blushes and drops his hand. “I just mean that I’m sorry I said it like that. Just out of the blue, at The Lima Bean. Not exactly the height of romance.” Oneshot.
  • Super Trouper 
    PG: Kurt surprises Blaine with a date to the roller rink. Shenanigans ensue. Oneshot.
  • The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
    PG-13: “That’s from cheerleading, not gymnastics. And shoot, I think I was supposed to return that last year when I quit.” Kurt shrugs. “I’m surprised Coach Sylvester hasn’t taken a hit out on me yet.” Kurt glances over at Blaine but he’s just staring down at the uniform, uncharacteristically still. Oneshot.
  • 23:28 Part 1 and  Part 2
    NC-17: Buckets and buckets of porn.
  • Tell Me So
    NC-17: It’s obscene, almost. He wants to reach over and pull the gaping sides of the shirt together, maybe cover him up with his blazer. Oneshot.
  • Good for the Soul
    NC-17: Claiming an identity is not always a simple process. Lots of triggers and angst, so read the warnings! 2 parts.
  • A Winning Game
    NC-17: Kurt takes parts of his destiny, and some other things into his own hands. Oneshot.
  •  What Goes Unsaid
    NC-17: Blaine needs something from Kurt, so Kurt does his best to give it to him. Sweet and
    so, so good. Oneshot.
  • Where We Went Right
    NC-17: Everyone seems to fuck like rabbits at Dalton Academy. Neither Kurt nor Blaine are an exception to this rule. But something that happens later after a drunken Warblers party could alter their relationship quite a bit. Set quite a few months into Kurt’s stay at Dalton. 24 chapters.
  • sexting!Klaine
    NC-17: Given plot: Sometimes Blaine and Kurt text each other nude pics. I’d like it if they had phone sex (talking over the phone) while exchanging photos. I want one of the pics Blaine sends to focus on his ass, perhaps one from the side and one with his cheeks spread. Graphic descriptions of the photos, please! Also, must be bottom!Blaine, top!Kurt, even during their talk/thoughts.It’d be extra perfect for me if they did all this before ever having any form of physical sex, letting hands go south of the equator, etc. Maybe because Kurt needs this to be comfortable enough to go further? It’s “warming him up” to the idea of sex – being able to see Blaine’s body and hear his sounds of pleasure and vice versa before the actual act? Also, Kurt always initiates it because dapper!Blaine won’t. 15 parts.
  • Casual Domesticity
    NC-17: A reaction fic. The morning after. It’s a sweet place to be – that tension between the established comfort of what they have and the nervous excitement of what they’ve just done. Oneshot.
  • Hesitation Blues
    NC-17: Blaine has reasons for not being ready to take the next step in their physical relationship, and Kurt helps him through them. 5 parts.
  • Hooked and I Can’t Stop Staring
    R: “You’re sweaty and you’re in those stupid tiny shorts and I’ve just wanted to put my hands on you all day, Blaine, god.” Oneshot.
  • Glad for What We’ve Got
    R: “I would really like you to spend the night, Blaine,” Kurt interrupts, heat creeping up into his face. “It’s been a rough night for both of us. We deserve some John Hughes-ian comfort. We can watch Pretty in Pink and get lost in Molly Ringwald’s prom drama for a while instead of ours.” Oneshot.
  • Roses in December
    T: After an attack, Blaine can’t remember his life since he’s been with Kurt. 13 parts. WIP.
Series and Verses
  • In Your Atmosphere
    PG: Kurt’s an out of work actor in LA, Blaine’s the boy playing guitar on the 3rd Street Promenade. Companion piece to Covered In Rainin which we explore if it had been LA instead of New York.
  • Make You Feel My Love
    NC-17: Kurt is working as a waiter in a cocktail bar. Blaine, a stockbroker, is about to get picked up, shaken up, and turned around.
  • Literal Liminality
    NC-17: Kurt works for his father’s moving company while his father recovers from a heart attack and is set with the task to move one Blaine Anderson into his first apartment. 2 parts.
  • prison!Klaine Part 1Part 2Part 3 
    Kurt and Blaine are in prison. They do prison-y things.
  • Sneaking Around
    NC-17: Kurt and Blaine have been secretly seeing each other for a long time, but it’s kept from Rachel so she won’t know that Kurt is sexually active with her older brother. Oneshot.
  • When the Two Collide 
    NC-17: Kurt tries to ignore it, though he usually finds Blaine’s embarrassment about these matters comforting and just a little charming. It’s part of why he chose Blaine instead of an older, more experienced servant – that, and because of Kurt’s hopeless affection for the boy. Oneshot.
  • Go Your Own Way
    M: Kurt Hummel just wants to get through his Junior Year at McKinley in one piece. But when the new guy from Dalton Academy Reform School for Boys takes an alarming interest in him, he’s certain he’s going to be in for a wild ride. 26 chapters. WIP.
  • Pretty Woman
    NC-17: The new improved memoir of Kurt Hummel, former escort extraordinaire. You know that story about the pretty prostitute who gets saved by the dashing business man? This isn’t that story. This is the story about the pretty prostitute who saved himself. 23 parts.
  • The Fiddler and the Maestro
    NC-17:  Symphony AU. Kurt is the 27-year-old first violinist and concertmaster of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra in Portland. Blaine arrives in town to guest conduct their concert of Holst’s The Planets. 9 chapters, including epilogue.
  • Floorshow
    NC-17: Rocky Horror Audience Participation AU, Blaine is a law student, forced into a strict life by his father, but he misses performing. A chance meeting spurs his old desires, and he finds himself joining the cast of the local RHPS AP, where he meets the enigmatic Frank, and starts to remember who he used to be. But Frank is much, much more than he seems. 15 chapters, including epilogue.
  • pornstar!Klaine
    NC-17: Given plot: I’d love to see a fic where Kurt and Blaine are both pornstars.
    Blaine’s been around one or two years and is quite well known and in demand. Kurt is a newcomer he’s heard a lot about. They’re insanely attracted to each other. Sex on and off camera please! Bottom!Kurt (not horribly opposed to bottom Blaine), lots of moaning and descriptions of how gorgeous they both are. Bonus for: Rimming, facials, pushy bottom!Kurt. 11 chapters. WIP.
  • A Touch of the Fingertips
    M: Kurt is a faerie. In this world, faeries can’t touch people without forming a bond that lasts forever. Then he meets Blaine. 23 chapters. WIP?
  • Blackbird
    M: Blaine had certain expectations of his new school. Kurt Hummel was not one of them. Kind of  badboy!Kurt, I guess? 13 chapters. 
  • (Def)initon
    R: There are Holders and there are Defectives. Blaine is a Def who falls into the hands of Kurt Hummel. 13 parts so far. WIP.


  • One Week
    K+: Dave is a silent presence at the weekly PFLAG meetings at the Lima Central Library. At least until Kurt gives him a reason to speak up. Some Klaine. Oneshot. 
  • Duets
    K: Senior year and all Kurt wants to do is sing during Duets week with his boyfriend. When Rachel cockblocks by stealing Blaine for her song, Kurt is left to make other arrangements. Those other arrangements lead to big changes. Oneshot.
  • Keep It In His Pants
    Strong PG-13, possibly M?: 
    Az doesn’t really understand Dave’s fascination with Kurt. Oneshot.
  • Turning Tables
    NC-17: Desperate to forge a friendship with Kurt, Dave invents a sex life that exists only in his mind. References to Klainey sex. Oneshot.
  • The Proposition: A (slightly) Inappropriate Love Story
    NC-17:  Kurt’s pretty sure nothing sucks worse than being the only gay kid in the changing rooms. It’s hell but he does a damn good job of skipping gym for three years before he’s caught and forced back. Luckily, Coach Karofsky seems to be on his side, and when Kurt accidentally sees a lot more than he was supposed to, he starts to see his coach in a whole new light. After all, who better to lose your virginity to than a (slightly) older, experienced man with a thing for ‘twinks’? There’s only one problem: Coach Karofsky refuses to give in to the idea, namely because Kurt’s not even legal. On the plus side, Kurt’s birthday is only three months away… 17 chapters. WIP.
  • Tender Meat
    NC-17: Kurt’s only experience comes from hard plastic and silicone blend, but he does know what he’s in for. In theory. Actually Kurt/football team, but there’s Kurtofsky. Oneshot.
    Soft Landing
    NC-17: Kurt and Dave are friends now. Kurt’s dating Blaine. Surely that means their ridiculous sexual tension will just disappear, right? Unofficial followup to Tender Meat. Oneshot. 
  • Make You Jump Out of Your Skin
    NC-17: Even aside from the beer, Dave’s feeling no pain; new school, new team, new start. Carmel’s football team isn’t that great, but that meant he made the team first try; Vocal Adrenaline’s success makes bullying them ridiculous, so there’s no shadow of his former habits hanging over his head. His new coach rides them just as hard as Bieste did. He’s been so instantly liked—not feared, liked—that it’s him, The New Guy, throwing the Halloween party this year. And Kurt Hummel is at his party. Oneshot. 
  • Maybe This Time
    NC-17:  When does having a guy over for a few movies and a home-cooked dinner turn into something more than ‘just hanging out’, especially when you’re both alone in the house, both gay and both enamored with each other? Kurt’s pretty sure it’s when you start making out to Liza Minelli’s show-stopping singing, but it’s not like these things are ever simple to work out. 2 parts.
  • AutoBiography
    M: Dave wrote a book about what it what like to be him in high school. Kurt turns out to be a big part of the story. 5 chapters.
  • Tree Without Blossoms
    M: A future!fic set in 2025 where Kurt and Dave’s lives intertwine again, proving just how small the world really is, and how Fate has a twisted sense of humour. 20 chapters plus epilogue.
    And here is the link to Willow Seeds, mentioned in the story. Top!Kurt. Rated M. 
  • Slight Imperfections
    M: Kurt is small everywhere, especially in one particular area. Dave is big everywhere. Kurt is too embarrassed to let Dave see him and almost drives him away, but Dave manages to show Kurt he has nothing to be embarrased about. Oneshot.
  • The Rainbow Network
    M: Dave’s therapist orders him to visit a gay-teen counseling website. One improbable coincidence later his life is completely ruined. At least until it’s all made better. 2 chapters.
  • Into the Darkness
    M: Car scene from “The First Time” episode, except where Blaine gets a lot farther than what actually happened. This is non-con (Kurt the victim, Blaine the attacker). Dave Karofsky finds Kurt afterwards and helps him out. More warnings with the fic.  Oneshot.
    Into the Light
    M: Kurt, Dave and Blaine all have to deal with the fallout of what happened in “Into the Darkness”. This is going to be a multi-chaptered sequel and will be eventual Kurtofsky. Emphasis on the eventual. The M isn’t for smut. 21 chapters. 
  • A Change of Pace
    M:  After Blaine rejects him, Kurt falls into a relationship with Karofsky. 21 chapters.
  • 22 Drinks
    M: Kurt and Karofsky have a standing tradition that turns into something more. 10 chapters, including epilogue.
  • Third Time Lucky
    R: Somehow the dead heat of summer gives rise to the mother(fucker) of all second chances. The road to redemption is paved with fights, phone calls, false starts, and more than a few jokes at the expense of the lovable Finn Hudson. 9 chapters.
  • Ain’t Nothing But a Heartache 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Epilogue
    R, may hit NC-17: Kurt is enjoying his summer break. He has a real boyfriend and enough redecorating ideas to keep him occupied while school is out. Dave has a job that he loves plus the added bonus of hanging out with his best friend all the time. Also includes Klaine
  • To Safely Go Home
    T: When Kurt is almost ripped away from him Dave takes it upon himself to help him find his way back home to him. Memory loss fic. 4 chapters.
    M: Sequel to To Safely Go Home. Kurt has just gotten his memory back. Le smut. Two chapters.
  • Cretins and Masochists
    PG-13: “Kurt,” Blaine said slowly, “Did you just agree to go out on a date with the Neanderthal?” Just barely AU, but whatever. Oneshot. 
  • Want Me
    M: Kurt is a normal teenage boy with normal teenage needs. And Dave Karofsky is… a secret webcam whore? Smutty in places, but not for lack of trying. AU from Never Been Kissed because Kurt and Blaine never progress past friendship. 8 chapters. WIP. 
  • Stolen
    R: En route to visit his family in Arizona, Kurt is kidnapped by an attractive stranger named Dave. 17 parts.
  • I Was Singing in the Shower
    T: That day, it was Karofsky in the shower, not Finn, and hell if Dave’s a better singer than Hudson anyway. 12 chapters. 


  • Master Puck
    M: Noah Puckerman is straight. Kurt knows this. So why does he keep imagining being tied up by him? BDSM. Slut!Kurt, bisexual!Puck. Full warning inside. 5 chapters. 
  • Keep You My Dirty Little Secret
    NC-17:  “Girl sweaters and super tight jeans I get – I mean, I don’t, but whatever – but girl underwear? What’s up with that?” Oneshot.


  • Beautiful When You Don’t Try
    M: It’s been seven years since graduation and Quinn Fabray is a highly popular and in demand photographer whose latest job is photographing the A-list, award winning Rachel Berry. Things start off roughly with an apologetic Quinn and a hesitant Rachel, but things quickly progress. 110 chapters.


  • Five Minutes
    PG: They’re filming the prom episode, and Darren can’t stand to watch Chris cry. Oneshot. 
  • 100 Years
    PG: Darren and Chris are dancing for the prom scene, and talking. Oneshot. 
  • Holding Hands
    PG-13: Behind the scenes for 3×05 – The First Time. Spoilers for that episode. 
    When it came to Darren, it was always easy. Oneshot. 
  • Breathless
    NC-17: Darren can’t help but notice Chris has a Neck Thing. Obviously, they should have sex.
    3 parts.
  • Dream a Little (Wet) Dream of Me
    NC-17: “If you tell me about your Lea dream, I’ll tell you about the sex dream I had about Cory.” AKA: Somehow carving pumpkins turns into talking about sex dreams turns into having phone sex turns into equal parts disaster and hilarity. Yep. Oneshot.
  • The Meisner Technique
    NC-17: A rehearsal at CC’s house goes very, very rogue. Yeah, that’s really all I can say without giving the whole thing away. Oneshot.
Series and Verses


  • The Last To Know
    PG-13: The boys give ’em something to talk about down old Paramount Studios way. Oneshot.
  • Wee Small Hours
    PG-13: Just silly, pointless, (hopefully) cute cuddlefic. Oneshot.
  • The Wheel of Possibility
    NC-17: Chris never really thought he and Cory would ever discuss having a threesome, and he definitely never thought the third possible participant would be Darren.
    Truth and Consequences
    NC-17: Chris has been shooting all day and night, and he has to be at the airport in 2 hours. Does he go home for a nap? No, he goes home for a quickie. Sequel to The Wheel of Possibility.
  • Untitled Pornspam 
    NC-17: Established relationship. Uhmm… size-differential kink? Oneshot.
  • Coming Together
    NC-17: From the time he met Chris, Cory knew he was going to be a special part of his life. He just could never have predicted how special. 4 parts.
  • Osmosis 
    NC-17: Bareback for the first time after getting tested. Oneshot.

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